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This content is taken from an original post, published on Glass Magazine’s website on August 4, 2014. They have since redesigned their site and this post is no longer available.

Great Glazing: Glendale Galleria
August 4, 2014

The basics: The use of glazing in the design of the massive redevelopment for Glendale Galleria, a 1.5 million-square-foot iconic retail and dining venue and integral mainstay of the Los Angeles community since 1976, addressed several key issues, including striking a balance between aesthetic and functional upgrades that improve access and circulation for the 10+ million visitors each year. From extensive glass railing systems, sliding operable storefronts, all-glass entrances, panic devices, curtain walls and point-supported structural glass elevator encasements, the retail space is a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space offering daylight and an updated design.

The players: Design architect, Kevin Kennon Architects; executive architect: ELS Architecture and Urban Design; general contractor: VCC; contract glazier, TJM Glazing Inc.; glass railing, entrance and curtain wall system supplier, C.R. Laurence/U.S. Aluminum; all-glass entrance glass fabricator, Glasswerks; railing glass manufacturer, Kuraray America Inc.; railing glass fabricator, GlasPro; curtain wall glass manufacturer, PPG

The glass and systems: Nearly a mile length of C.R. Laurence’s Taper- Loc Frameless Glass Railing with DuPont Sentry Glas lines the entire second floor of the retail center’s modern interior, offering unobstructed views of lower and upper level shops. Architects specified U.S. Aluminum’s Series E1200 Elephant Door System for the front entrance systems, where traditional wall pockets were not a feasible option. CRL-U.S. Aluminum built a custom Elephant Door Storefront System that was ADA compliant, durable and secure, and fit the modern design. Heavy-duty tandem rollers provide smooth operation of the Elephant Doors, allowing them to easily slide behind the fixed sections, and creating a large opening for bringing large displays, fixtures, and even maintenance equipment into the building.

TJM Glazing installed CRL “All Glass” Entrances featuring glass fabricated by Glasswerks in several access point openings. The doors feature CRL’s premium Blumcraft PA100 Series Panic Handles and patented Wedge-Lock Door Rails. The centerpiece of the newly renovated and reopened Glendale Galleria is the new Bloomingdale’s store. The building front uses CRL-U.S. Aluminum’s Series 3250 Curtain Wall System with PPG Solarban 60.



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